Best Cleaning Services in Stockholm

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Have you recently moved to Stockholm or you have just opened a new office but you do not have time for cleaning and you would like to request the services of a specialized cleaning company? Do not know exactly where to look for a good one? If so, then we are definitely here to help you. Find exactly what you need by taking a look at the following best cleaning services in Stockholm.


This company is serving not only Stockholm but surrounding areas as well. You are allowed to book cleaning no matter the time of day, the room’s number, including window and dishwashing. Basically, the staff does anything so that you can be a happy and pleased customer. Just take into consideration the fact that you have to book at least 24 hours in advance. The TidyApp is similar to Uber, as you can actually see online who will come to clean your place. This application is absolutely perfect for all those who are extremely busy. You can easily and quickly request the services of TidyApp right from the comfort of your home. That’s why we strongly recommend TidyApp. Of course, they also do an excellent job.

Balanzen Norden AB

Anyone who is very busy and doesn’t have time for cleaning the house or the office should confidently request the services of Balanzen Norden AB, a professional cleaning company. It has plenty of excellent reviews, which means that the clients were very pleased with the result. Furthermore, they use plenty of high-quality products that do not only clean very well but also protect all the surfaces.

JFS Stad

JFS Stad provides window washing, and home & office cleaning. Their professionalism and affordable prices have made them one of the best cleaning services in Stockholm. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a very clean house at all times but doesn’t have enough time for cleaning should go for JFS Stad cleaning company. You will not regret it and you will certainly become their loyal customer.

Handy Heroes

The motto of this company is ‘’High-quality services for a high-quality life’’. It offers a large range of cleaning services not only for residential clients but for those with a business as well. The services they offer are deep cleaning, window cleaning, and also post construction cleaning. Handy Heroes’ goal is to simplify as much as possible your life by saving important time in the most environmentally responsible manner.


What we like about this company is that it has very good prices compared to other companies of this type in Stockholm. They clean at any time of the day you want and they certainly do it perfectly and quite quickly as well. Thanks to the high-quality products they use, they can clean very well extremely greasy spots, spots that you normally wouldn’t be able to clean. Their customers wrote many good reviews and all of them said that the staff is not only professional but extremely friendly as well, which is another advantage of this company.