Most Popular Hotels in Stockholm

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Stockholm is a very beautiful city that you should visit at least once in your life. It is a place with amazing architecture, lovely people, and a large number of attractions. A holiday here will certainly be a fantastic one and you should already start making plans. In order to book good accommodation, we have made a list of the most popular hotels in Stockholm so that you don’t lose too much time with your search.

Haymarket by Scandic

This hotel will provide you the necessary comfort so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Stockholm. The interior is a very elegant one, with a spacious and airy room, equipped with everything you need for an excellent stay. The location is within a walk from the central train station which means that you can easily and quickly get to the attractions you want to visit. The large open-plan layout with inner balconies is the perfect place for relaxing, socializing, and throwing parties. The restaurant hosts live jazz bands so that customers can enjoy a good music while having a delicious dinner. A very important detail about this hotel that we want to mention is that all the rooms have large beds with comfortable mattresses and wedge pillows. These wedge pillows don’t only offer an ultra comfort but they also can help people relieve their neck or back pains. Since going on holiday involves lots of walking and other activities, it is essential to have this type of pillows at the hotel in order to rest extremely well during the night and wake up energetic and ready for another amazing day. Wedge pillows are excellent for those who snore as well, as they can actually hold the body in a position that snoring will not take place anymore, which is absolutely great for your partner. If you do some research you will see exactly all the health benefits that wedge pillows have and you will surely book in the future only hotels that have such innovative pillows, just like Haymarket by Scandic.

Nobis Hotel

This urban luxury location is for all those who want to enjoy comfort at its maximum level. Nobis Hotel is located right in the heart of this beautiful city and it has valet parking. Other excellent facilities are available such as a bar, fitness center, restaurant, laundry, sauna, 24-hour front desk staff, room service, steam room/hammam, and free WiFi. The Nobis Hotel has not more and not less than 201 spacious and comfortable rooms that have a similar color scheme with hues of navy blue, light grey, and mauve. The style is a contemporary one with excellent attention to details. Two Italian restaurants are waiting for you to enjoy lovely dishes such as truffles and risotto with asparagus. The breakfast buffet includes salmon, eggs, bacon, bread, and pancakes. All in all, you will certainly love this place and therefore have a wonderful vacation.

Sandhamn Seglarhotell

This location is also known as the Yacht Hotel and it is placed in Stockholm’s archipelago, which is a very posh summer getaway. Therefore, if money is not a problem for you, then the Sandhamn Seglarhotell is where you should stay. From here you can take the ferry to the Sand Island, a magical place where you can relax and swim for as long as you want. The hotel is also very close to Trouville, a long and sandy beach, excellent for anyone who travels with children. Facilities include a spa, free WiFi, fitness center, kid’s club, sauna, and pool. As you can see, even if you will decide to stay in the hotel for one day you will have plenty to do. There are 79 rooms, which are all booked during the summer. Anyone who wants to stay here must book his stay ahead of time. As mentioned earlier, if you take your kids with you on holiday, they will also enjoy their stay, as the hotel has mini-golf and indoor pool hours.